10 ideas of rituals to adopt for bedtime

12_idees_de_rituel_de_coucherThe content of the bedtime ritual is something very personal in the way that it depends on what your child appreciates or not and what sooths him.

You can of course use a variety of ideas but keep in mind you do not what to get involved in an endless ritual in which the anxiety of your child emerges as soon as you leave him.

1. Rock him ;
2. Give him a hug ;
3. Give him his blanket (object rendered reassuring as it marks the transition when the parent leaves the child and he grabs on to it very tight);
4. Caress his back ;
5. Read him a bedtime story, preferably one ending by « …and the child fell asleep » ;
6. Sing him a lullaby ;
7. Put on a little music but only once ;
8. Show him where everyone will be asleep or is already sleeping;
9. Put his toys and teddy bear to bed and say goodnight to them ☺ ;
10. Turn off the light in his room while talking hence reassuring him
11. Turn on the night light ;
12. If he has a pacifier make sure he knows where it is and show him (of course keep it in the bed…)

Make sure that in whichever order you choose to do this ritual that you stick to it for the sake of child who will make his marks.

NB : Remember it is advised to create a favorable environment 1 hour prior to bedtime.

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