7 pieces of advice to create a favorable bedtime environment

rituel_coucher1web1. Lower the light intensity 30min to 1h before bedtime. This helps for the secretion of melatonin; the sleeping hormone that all human beings possess but in this case will cause your child to get tired.
2. Insert the bath time in your nighttime ritual, if the bath is a moment of calm exchange give your baby his just before going to bed or at the beginning of the evening.
3. The bath, and supper (diner or snack/bottle if diner is early) must take place in a peaceful room, your child should feel bedtime is approaching ;
4. Massage your child with the help of an oil suitable for his skin to promote relaxation ;
5. Put him in his pyjamas and sleeping bag at the same place (your bed for example) in order for him to mark the passage from day to night.
6. Make sure that sure child has eaten enough ; he will usually sleep better.
7. Promote a calm activity 30 min prior to bedtime : book, hug…

The advices can be put in place as soon as birth in order to instore this calm atomosphere in which the child can find his marks and understand that bedtime is coming in order to prepare for it in the best way possible.

Remember the convenience of adopting a 2 phase bedtime ritual:
1. A favorable environment prior to the bedtime
2. The bedtime / by the bed ritual

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