My 2 months old only falls asleep in my arms

bb_dort_dans_les_braswebHow long am I bound to proceed this way, How do I accustom him to fall asleep on his own?

This is utterly normal, every child, at least during the first three months, does not know how to calm themselves down in order to fall asleep and the arms of a parent procure warmth and security that they do not find in a crib.

If you fear your baby might develop a dependency, which is probable although not highly dramatic, you can, as of now, apply a little trick suggested by Dr Harvey KARP to teach your baby to calm itself down and fall asleep in his first few months.

« The Wake and Sleep technique »

1. Feed your baby ;
2. Turn on a « white noise » ;
3. Wrap him up ;
4. Make him fall asleep in your arms just the way he likes it ;
5. Once asleep, put him delicately in his crib ;
6. Wake him up just enough for him to open his eyes by gently shaking him;
7. Wait a few seconds for him to fall back asleep on his own;
8. Otherwise rock him with your hand a brief moment or pat on his belly
9. The trick is not about letting him cry. If he does not calm down take him back;
10. Make him fall back asleep in your arms;
11. Start again from step 5 until the baby falls asleep on its own;

As all matters of education it may take some time and practice and demand patience on your end.

To my dear friend Anaïs and her son Corentin.

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