My baby only sleeps in my arms, what do I do?

bb_dort_dans_les_braswebIt is completely and utterly normal, for certain children more than others but the first 3 months your baby needs to be held, to be rocked, to hear that life goes on all around him and often has a great need for suction in order to feel reassured and safe.

Obviously, depending on one’s rhythm, we cannot spend our entire time with our baby in our arms and I’ve heard it was hardly doable at night…

3 pieces of advice to meet your child’s need during his sleep :
1. Wrap him up appropriatly with an adapted blanket hence making him feel as if he were in your arms and thus throughout his sleep.
2. Turn on a “white noise” reminding him what he felt in-utero: shower, vacuum cleaner, hair-dryer…The noise should cover up any other environmental sounds.
3. Invest in a swing chair which streches or a hanging crib: some babies have a strong need to be rocked, some even during their entire sleep !

Will he become dependant ? Yes but no ! So now you’re wondering what I’m talking about …of course he will grow accustomed to this but as he grows up you will replace some habits by new ones and his needs will defer. Let’s put it this way: with a child it’s better to think day by day and answer his needs depending on his age then ajust depending on his behavior.

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