The compulsory bedtime ritual

rituel_coucherwebBath, rocking, singing, music box, bottle or breast feeding, what is the bedtime ritual and what is its purpose ?

It constitutes a routine for which you get to pick the content with your child, it provides a reassuring and calm atmosphere for your child which allows him to understand it is time for bed therefore falling asleep with serenity allowing him to recover as long as possible.

What we spontaneously associate with this ritual are the hugs and the rocking, the singing and feeding which usually occur next to the crib. However, in order for that part of the ritual to be effective, having created a calm environment beforehand is a paramount item.

The ritual is therefore made up of 2 parts of equal importance:
1. A favorable environment prior to the bedtime
2. The bedtime / by the bed ritual 

It is essential to respect the same order each day in order for the child to create his own marks. And thus at his youngest age.

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