Perineum massacre…

An interview with Dr Bernadette de Gasquet, Doctor and Yoga teacher (FRANCE).

Dr de Gasquet has published a couple of books related to pregnancy and childbirth, one of which being “Perineum, stop the  massacre” dedicated to preventing and healing our (we women) perineum.

Her childbirth method is all about going back to natural positions, positions that are respectful to our body and therefor our perineum.

We could call Dr de Gasquet’s approach anthropological as she has researched not only in books but through traveling how giving birth is done in other parts of the world and it is through this research and her personal professional experience that she was able to understand what is definently done wrong and what small changes we can make to make things better for ourselves and our body.

It is breath taking how much we do not listen to ourselves anymore…

For more informations, go to her website HERE

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